42 Gifts Cooks Will Love

42 Gifts Cooks Will Love

My wonderful friend Lauren, from Live by the Sunshine, is sharing her favorite gift ideas for all of the cooks in your life. I know most of these things are either already in my house or my Amazon wishlist. When Lauren’s not making fabulous gift guides she also blogs about great food she’s eating in New Orleans and incredible sangria recipes! Be sure to check her out!


The holidays are fast approaching and that means it is the time of year where you start to plan what to get all your friends and family! It is also the time of year that all the great gift ideas you had thought of in April or in August magically disappear from your memory. Is it just me that happens to? I think of great gift ideas nowhere near the holidays and then when the time comes I can only think of socks.

Today I am going to share some amazing gift ideas for your favorite foodie in your life! Is your best friend a wizard in the kitchen? Does your mom make the most delicious desserts? Did your friend just open a restaurant? Or maybe your sister has a food blog!




All great cooks need inspiration! Here is a collection of some of my favorite cookbooks, including America’s fave Joanne Gaines’ Magnolia Table. I also included John Currence’s Big Bad Breakfast. John is an incredible chef in Oxford MS and my best friend used to work with him. Big Bad Breakfast is an amazing restaurant so I highly recommend this book! You also can never go wrong with Betty Crocker! Am I right?



Any chef worth their weight in flour knows it can get messy in the kitchen! You get a few different skillets going with oil popping or the mixer gets the flour flying, either way you need something to protect your clothes! My boyfriend is no master chef, but he gets oil on his pants every single time he cooks, without fail.

Oven Mitts


Whether you are shopping for a cook or a baker, oven mitts are a great option. First of all, you can get really cute ones and also they are budget friendly!

Nifty Utensils


Utensils in general are a great gift and this category is endless! Now most cooks will have the basics, but I like the idea of finding options that will make things around the kitchen a little easier! I call them “Nifty Utensils!”

Trendy Kitchen


Call this category “As Seen on TV” or nowadays to say “As Seen on Pinterest” might be more relevant! Now these may not all be in budget depending on if you’re buying for your daughter vs. your coworker, but they are all the rage right now!

Fun Cookie Cutters


Simple and budget friendly, plus you can get ones that are especially personal to the loved one you are shopping for. For me, a cat shaped one would be perfect!



Anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen, loves to try new things and experiment in the kitchen too. These DIY kits are the perfect gift for that! Never made sushi? Here is a step by step kit to learn how! Want to experiment with different sauces? Make your own! Or just take the next step to providing your own ingredients!

Well, there you have it! 42 incredible gift ideas for the cook, baker, or food blogger in your life. I hope you can find the perfect gift for you mom, brother, best friend or significant other in this list!

I share inspiring, achievable, funny lifestyle tips about decor ideas, gift guides, travel, and relationship advice over on my site Live by the Sunshine. Pop over to my site to check out all the quirky posts I have to offer! And to Hayley, thank you so much for letting me share this post with all of you!

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